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Obstacles everywhere

Overcoming obstacles like curbs, roots and rocks is a very common problem among rollator users. If the obstacle is higher than 2-4 cm (depending on the wheel size), the rollator needs to be lifted in order to pass the obstacle. If the user is forced to lift the rollator, or to perform some other maneuver to overcome the obstacle, the rollator has completely lost its main function of offering support.

Trionic Climbing Wheel – Patent

The Veloped is equipped with the Trionic Climbing Wheel (Patent) that greatly increases the ability to overcome different kinds of obstacles when walking outdoors. By spreading the load over two wheels, slightly displaced in the traveling direction, the climbing sequence is divided into two steps.

The climbing capacity is enhanced even more through an angled link arm that uses the pushing force provided by the user. This gives the Veloped a unique feature, the capacity to climb a 13 cm high obstacle, for instance a high curb or rock. When overcoming a lower obstacle, for example a lowered curbstone at a zebra crossing, you only need a fraction of the pushing force a single wheel requires. The new Veloped with 14-inch wheels will climb such an obstacle without you noticing that it was even there.

The pivoting link arm also provides suspension. On uneven ground it constantly pivots and suspends the ride. The suspension turns an off-road walk with a Veloped into pure pleasure.

Wheel adjuster

The climbing wheel is adjustable for different conditions and terrain. For superior maneuverability, easy turning and with retained climbing capacity the front wheel is raised with a simple adjustment handle – perfect for the city. In its other position, the all-terrain mode, the wheel has a suspension/ climbing function with increased direction steadiness; perfect for the off-road walk.

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